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Working Together

Your Custom Financial Plan

Often, your financial future involves more than investments. National Capital Financial Group is prepared to work with you to build a customized financial plan.

This plan covers the traditional scope of financial planning, which can include retirement needs, estate planning, education planning, and inheritance management.

After establishing a clear understanding of your unique needs and goals, we will provide you with a custom, written plan that can position you to make successful choices.

As your investment team, we can also draw on the experience of an array of professionals, which may include your legal or tax adviser, to craft a selection of financial strategies for your individual circumstances and objectives.

We also have access to corporate professionals, including attorneys and specialists, with expertise in areas such as estate planning, tax planning, and business continuation. With the help of these and other valuable resources within Cetera Advisor Networks, we will provide you with the highest level of service, including analysis and recommendations in areas such as:

  • Asset allocation
  • Education funding
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance profiles and analyses
  • Retirement planning

Asset Management at National Capital Financial Group

At National Capital Financial Group our Financial Advisors take seriously their responsibility to make informed choices on your behalf and monitor programs to try to obtain the best results possible. In addition to commission based accounts, where the client pays a one-time commission fee for investment services based on the initial investment, National Capital Financial Group also works with clients on an advisory basis.

Under this type of program, the client pays a quarterly fee based on the value in the managed account. As the managers of your financial future, this system gives your Financial Advisor and Cetera Advisor Networks an ongoing responsibility and motivation to manage your accounts to the best of our capabilities.

Therefore, everyone involved has a vested interest in your plan's success. Once we have customized your plan, the investment team will immediately begin to carry out your specified objectives.

Understanding your needs, developing your Investment Policy Statement, designing your portfolio, implementing your financial plan, and periodically reviewing your portfolio are all part of this process and are included in the quarterly fee (fees may be tax deductible; consult your tax adviser for details).

All asset management programs provide you with one-on-one service, personal attention, and a full menu of features, including:

Access to Numerous Securities

You have access to more than 40,000 investment products, including no-load and load-waived mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and variable annuities. Our team will help you navigate through these and make the choices and selections to help you achieve your investment goals.

Ability to Consolidate Accounts

If you have more than one account, you can link them together and receive a single consolidated report of all your accounts. This way, you and your adviser representative can better monitor progress towards your investment objectives. Plus, account consolidation can help to reduce management fees as the fees would be based upon the total value of your combined accounts.

Monthly Activity Statements

You receive monthly statements from Pershing, LLC, our custodian, detailing account activity that took place over the previous month.

Quarterly Performance Reports

These sophisticated, full-color reports provide a clear understanding of your account's investments, and include a consolidated view of what changes took place in your account for the quarter and the rate-of-return after fees for several time periods since your plans inception.